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Presentation of Information in Website Design

The primary purpose of this website, chrisennis.me, was to advertise my freelance graphic and web design services. Since coming to college, I haven't had the time to keep the business going but I will hopefully be back it this summer. Interestingly I found a strong correlation between good website design and proper information visualization. The

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Virus and Data Protection

I grew up with Windows. Starting at age 6 or 7, I remember using Windows XP to draw nonsense with MS Paint and then a few years later play minesweeper on Vista. Then came the much improved Windows 7. In middle school,  I wrote my essays with Word 2010 and Skyped from my Windows laptop.

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Decision Trees: Machine Learning

In class we learned about decision trees, calculating EMV, risk analysis. As a business student, I learned about decision trees and EMV in the context of supply chain management. This was a sparse introduction that did not even consider the implementation of decision trees in a greater capacity such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

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Revelations of R Code

Over spring break I was writing R for one of my IS2000 assignments on the lanai of my grandmother's home in Florida. My grandmother happened to see what I was writing in and I was surprised to hear that she recognized it as R. She used to work in the health insurance department of a

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Excel -> SQL

I am also taking CS3200: Database Design and in that class we are not only making relational models, but we are also learning SQL by way of PostgreSQL RDBMS. They tend to be used in very different circumstances. SQLite is more of an embedded library for applications and for fast and efficient interfacing, whereas PostgreSQL

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Relational to Graph Databases

In reality relational databases are not actually storing the relationship between different data elements. In many cases, queries utilize JOINs which require excessive computing power and ultimately increased query response times. The problem is exacerbated with recursive self-joins. Relational databases can only accommodate minor changes and in the ever evolving tech and corporate landscape this

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In My Limited Experience: Why XML?

Before becoming familiar with XML - I recognized it as a convenient language when dealing with web content that has been archived or needed to be imported and exported easily. One of the platforms I used was Blogger (which is now owned by Google). When Blogger/Blogspot was in its beginning it kept blog posts in

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Gene Ontologies

Two years ago I was working with Drosophila, the common fruit fly, in an effort to create a bioluminescent hybrid using the luciferin enzyme. Unfortunately, my particular experiment was cut short and we were not able to create a functioning specimen. One of the tools that we consulted often was the GO, also known as the Gene

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Everyday Bias

Something that seems more prevalent in the US than ever before is polarization between conservatives and liberals. How many of the 2.07 billion active Facebook are aware of the targeted marketing that Facebook employs based on political opinion? Facebook actually monitors activity and determines your political leaning within days of opening an account. Facebook is

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Clarification of Information Science

When deciding what to major in, I sat down and researched the difference between Computer Science and Information Science. I ultimately decided on information science because I like the front-end design portion of various software systems and the concepts encompassing HCI. After the first couple classes of IS2000 I have discovered an entirely different idea

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