Clarification of Information Science

When deciding what to major in, I sat down and researched the difference between Computer Science and Information Science. I ultimately decided on information science because I like the front-end design portion of various software systems and the concepts encompassing HCI. After the first couple classes of IS2000 I have discovered an entirely different idea of what exactly information science is. Thankfully, if anything, it has only solidified my interest in Information Science.

Going into Information Science, I assumed that it was about specifically about how to communicate more effectively using technology. At no point did I consider that it extends beyond the world of computing. I never considered that it involved methods of retrieving information and interpreting information outside of software. For example, one of the discussions in class centered around the effectiveness of employee work when certain incentives are provided by the company. The information collected in a survey of that type and the analysis of the data was never something I would’ve considered that would relate to the field of Information Science.

I worked at a CPA firm last summer and now I realize that CRM software (I used Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce) is a program designed with the concepts of information science in mind. It focuses on efficient collection of data (using plugins and suggestive trend analysis) and most importantly organization of data so that it can be interpreted in a way that is actionable.

I am currently looking at opportunities for my first co-op and after talking to many people in the field of business of analytics and FinTech sales (this is my goal co-op) I realize that most of the skills that they emphasize are directly related to information science. When you look at most “qualifications required” in the business and technology job realm, you see things like:

  • Review analyses of current processes and prepare recommendations for process improvement
  • Manage and complete the deployment and implementation of new products/applications internally externally with our clients
  • Ensure effective communication flows between products team and other internal teams about product strategy and product development progress

A great example of these job qualifications can be found when looking at job listings for State Street Finanical (largest asset financial firm headquartered in Boston; 2.75 trillion in assets).

All of which qualifications are related to information science.

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